On October 06 the Kering Group and Cartier (Richemont) launched an environmental pact for their watch-related business in partnership with the Responsible Jewellery Council.

In 2019 was announced the Fashion Pact, commitments to ecology signed by Kering and its activities in the world of fashion to stop global warming and restore biodiversity and protect the oceans. If major groups such as Chopard and Tiffany & Co. have already committed themselves, it is the turn of the Kering group and Cartier to apply it to their watch and jewelry factories. This approach is not a coincidence, as it comes at a time when environmental issues are at the heart of consumer concerns, especially among younger consumers, important growth drivers for luxury groups.

A joint initiative to encourage other groups in the sector 

The pact commits them to reducing carbon emissions, protecting biodiversity, while being in line with practices that the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) has determined. But their ambition does not stop there, Cartier and Kering have in mind to gather European jewelers and watchmakers and other famous brands in the world in this initiative. An announcement that should push the sector to accelerate its eco-responsible transformation! 

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