A floating farm in the port of Rotterdam, the idea of the Dutch company Beladon, a company specialized in aquatic architecture.

There are 40 cows living in this new kind of farm, producing 700 liters of milk every day. This responsible farm was created to address the vulnerability inherent in climate change, and is completely independent: it generates its own electricity from 50 floating solar panels, and rain is collected and purified for the cows to drink. On the upper level, cows can graze on a mixture of hay and grass clippings (from local parks and golf courses) and even grains left over from local breweries. Their manure is turned into fertilizer for the regrowth of the fields that will feed them later.

An independent and responsible system

The idea came in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which flooded Manhattan and made it difficult to buy fresh produce. The goal: to help cities produce products to feed its residents and better resist this kind of disruption, because this floating farm can adapt to climate change and even withstand hurricanes.

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