On 7 October, the 10th edition of the 100% digital Agri Vision took place. The topic of the future and sustainable agriculture was discussed, as well as ideas for changing the way we consume meat.

Organised by Trouw Nutrition (Nutreco, the Netherlands), the world’s leading animal and fish feed company, AgriVision is an online event where the issues of ecology and transformation of the entire food chain were discussed. Changing mindsets, developing new ideas and inspiring innovative approaches in the food system are the keywords of the congress. For the CEO of Nutresco, the way animals and fish are raised is causing considerable damage to the environment and global warming, while another challenge is juxtaposed: how to feed 10 billion people by 2050? 

Reconciling growth and environmental issues 

This is a huge challenge, and several companies will have to get involved, but the project is underway: the future of protein has been mentioned, as well as the desire to find a new source of protein that is neither animal nor laboratory grown. The aim is to offer consumers more choice. To this end, “light-house farmers” (existing, commercially viable farms in the real world, futuristic in terms of sustainable food production) are demonstrating what can be achieved when you have innovative ideas!

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