Cash Daniels is a 13-year-old boy from Chattanooga, Tennessee who has become a major force for change. As a (very) young entrepreneur and marine life advocate, he is urging people to change their habits to preserve the planet.

A wildlife enthusiast since the age of three, Cash Daniels also has a passion for fish and the Tennessee River. At an early age, he learned about the pollution caused by plastic and the damage it can do to river and marine life. In an attempt to curb the problem, he began cleaning up the rivers and even set up his own organisation, “The Cleanup Kids”. In the same vein, he has written a children’s book in 2019, “One Small Piece”. His goal: to inspire adults and especially the youngest, who are the drivers of change.

A challenge worthy of the challenge

Cash presents himself as a river and ocean conservationist and is also very active on social networks. But he doesn’t limit himself to that, with “The Cleanup Kids” he invites people to act on a larger scale by protecting trees and all life on earth. He is convinced that children are the future of the planet and their actions can make a big difference!


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