In order to fight against imported deforestation, the European Commission has tabled a draft regulation on 17 November 2021 aimed at banning the entry into the European market of products that have contributed to deforestation.

There are many products in our daily lives that are the result of deforestation: cocoa, palm oil, soya and beef. To combat this deforestation, the proposed regulation includes reciprocity of European production standards for imported agricultural products. These are mirror measures: imported agricultural products must comply with the same environmental standards as those produced in Europe to avoid any competition problems… which was not the case until now.

Introducing traceability

The regulation will cover coffee, cocoa, palm oil, soya, beef and timber, as well as derived products such as leather. It will impose information gathering and risk prevention obligations on operators, both importers and traders, who market these types of goods. It would also introduce a mirror measure, requiring traceability equivalent to that in force within the European market. This regulation imposes traceability, which is the only key to banning products that contribute to deforestation and human rights violations.

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