160 meters in diameter for an impressive ephemeral work of art drawn on the snowy ground by Janne Pyykkö and a dozen volunteers.

Janne Pykkö, a computer consultant, was behind a collective ephemeral work of art in Espoo, a suburb of Helsinki. A gigantic creation of more than 160 meters in diameter in the fresh snow of a sports field. To gather volunteers, Janne launched a post in a Facebook group of snowshoe hikers, where he proposed to “make something beautiful”. Volunteers came forward. 

A collective work of art

The secret? Ropes were used to obtain perfect circles. Three hours of walking in the sun at minus 10 degrees did the rest. And when you get a bit of height… The magic happens. In previous winters, he had started with small drawings, before taking it to the next level and making something more complex. Inspired by the works of British artist Simon Beck, who draws huge geometric shapes in the snow of the French Alps and western Canada, the walkers also used ropes to draw the circles of the rosettes. One person stood in the center of the circle and another walked around the first, pulling this rope. This explains why these shapes are so regular. A collective way to offer beautiful, ephemeral, ecological and sporty drawings!

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