As part of World Cleanup Day in September 2020, the city of Brussels has taken the original initiative of introducing its residents to cleanup jobs!

The World Cleanup Day was born in 2018 in Estonia. That year, 50,000 people had gathered to clean up their country. By 2019, more than 21 million volunteers had mobilized across 180 countries. Due to the coronavirus health crisis, “only” 11 million volunteers gathered across 166 countries.

In 2020, several partners coordinated in Belgium to organize cleanups as part of this day dedicated to cleanliness and over 60,000 people contributed. Along rivers with River Cleanup, along the beach with Eneco Cleanup Beach Cup, on land in Flanders with Mooimakers, in Wallonia with BeWapp and in Brussels with the cleanup awareness operation.

Open house for sweeper depots

The Brussels day was based on the open doors of the sweeper depots. The objective? To honor those who work every day for the cleanliness by organizing meetings in 10 depots of the cleanliness service. Residents interested in discovering the work of the sweepers were even given the opportunity to accompany them on their cleaning rounds. The inhabitants of Brussels could also organize their own clean-up action with neighbors or friends thanks to the equipment made available to them. The City’s cleaning services will help them with the disposal of the collected waste.

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