In collaboration with Purpose (one of the world’s leading social mobilisation organisations) the United Nations is launching an initiative to fill the information gap and invalidate false information.

With the global pandemic, there has been a flood of information. This made it difficult to sort out what was true from what was false and to reassure everyone. This is why the “Verified” campaign was developed by the UN’s Department of Global Communications. It is a way to fight misinformation by communicating around three themes: science – to save lives, solidarity – to promote local and global cooperation, solutions – to provide support to affected populations. This information system tends to be extended to other sectors such as poverty, climate and inequality.

A system based on volunteerism and trust

Everyone is invited to participate to register and become “information volunteers”.  The objective: to share “verified” information. UN teams, influencers, companies, media… All are concerned to spread reliable information and counteract the disinformation that is rampant. The goal is to keep unity by protecting the population from false information. An initiative that is supported by the IKEA Foundation and Luminate.

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