Shopify embarked 10 years ago on a forward-looking environmental adventure by being the first company to purchase the largest amount of carbon to be eliminated through ADC technology. Explanation.

The atmosphere is estimated to contain more than 400 parts per million (ppm) of carbon: an amount high enough to have a significant impact on our climate. Yet it represents only 0.04% of the air. Attempting to capture CO₂ from the air is therefore a tall order, but the technology to accomplish this feat exists. Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology is one of the essential tools to capture more carbon than we emit. With this in mind, Canada’s Shopify, a cloud-based multi-channel commerce platform that employs 7,000 people, has purchased a cumulative total of 15,000 tons of carbon to be removed by DAC from Carbon Engineering and Climeworks. 

What happens to the captured carbon?

The carbon can be used to create low-carbon fuels, stored inside products like concrete, or injected as gas into empty oil tanks and turned into stone underground. Carbon Engineering now has a proven technology capable of directly drawing CO₂ from the air. The company has teamed up with partners to build plants capable of capturing one million tons of CO₂ per year, equivalent to the annual emissions of 250,000 cars, or the work of 40 million trees. In addition, 1PointFive – its development partner – is developing its first large-scale ADC plant. Fifteen direct carbon capture plants are already operational worldwide, and two other companies are sharing the market with Climeworks. The good news? The technology can be implemented almost anywhere. 

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