After a Facebook post by his father, Ryder Kilam, a 5-year-old boy in a wheelchair, was able to have a special bus stop thanks to the generosity of high school students.

It all started with a Facebook post by Tim Kilam, Ryder’s father, who was looking for a way to protect his son from the weather while he waits for the school bus. Initially, he didn’t expect Dan McKena, a teacher in a construction class at Westerly High School, to answer his call! So it was a whole class of high school volunteers who enthusiastically embarked on the project.

A collective work that changes a child’s daily life

Everything was thought out and designed for Ryder’s comfort, but also for his father and the nurses, so that he would be safe during the winter. Ryder is delighted with his new bus stop which asks his parents to stay inside after school, a bit like his hut. A gesture of solidarity that makes life easier for the little boy.

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