Inhabitants of a small fishing village in southern Morocco have decided to take care of the young people of their region. Passionate about surfing, they have opened a school and teach children to ride the waves for free.

From the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco has thousands of kilometers of coastline, the longest coastline on the African continent. The waves are sometimes impressive and the conditions are perfect for surfing. 

Entertainment is scarce in the small fishing village of Tarfaya, in the Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra region of southern Morocco. To occupy and motivate the young people of the region, a group of enthusiasts gave birth to a surfing club, the Nuevas Olas (New Waves) and introduce them to the practice of the sport of surfing for free.

Teaching them the techniques and movements, they give them what they need to be able to try the numerous spots that the region offers. Today, more than a hundred young girls and boys from the region regularly attend surfing lessons.

These kind-hearted surfers don’t stop at learning the waves, they also teach them English and Spanish, a real boost because many of them dream of going abroad to find work.

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