Influencers or “content creators” in Côte d’Ivoire have decided to use their popularity to spread positive or activist messages. They thus respond to new environmental or societal issues via social networks.

The objective of these influencers who live from their activity on social networks (Instagram, Facebook or TikTok) is to encourage their community to consume consciously. These creators of a new kind of content have adapted their communication to the current context of ecological and sanitary crises linked to the Covid-19 global epidemic. They seek to raise their followers’ awareness of art, fashion or the virtue of consuming better, internal tourism and local cuisine and to defend minorities.  

Sartaï: a committed painter

Saraï D’hologne, a visual artist with 365,000 followers, proudly advocates Ivorian identity on her account, which is as colourful and inspiring as her artistic expression.

Nader Fakhry: Ivorian micro-adventurer

Ivorian of Lebanese origin, Nader Fakhry, 31, has been active on Instagram since 2017, sharing experiences to successfully change the way Africans look at their continent. A self-proclaimed “artivist, explorer and ambassador of the Water and Forests of Côte d’Ivoire”, he has 310,000 followers on Instagram. Nader Fakhry explores the Ivory Coast from the beaches of the West (Grand-Bereby) to the savannah regions via Mount Nimba or the Cavally River. All these expeditions made him realise the beauty and ecological wealth of his country. He is committed to the protection of the environment and biodiversity.

Kevine Obin: the LGBTQI+ host

Kevine Obin, 25 years old, films himself with his Ivorian accent (202,000 followers on Instagram) blurs the genders and assumes his ambiguity in a country where homosexuality can still be taboo.

Lala Fatima Haïdara: tester of good addresses

Also known by her nickname “the taster”, Lala Fatima Haïdara tests good local addresses for her 24,000 followers. Her goal? To help people rediscover the diversity of the local culinary landscape through traditional restaurants, but also through more cutting-edge addresses that offer Afro-international fusion cuisine. For Lala Fatima Haïdara, culinary tourism has great potential in Côte d’Ivoire. Since 2020, she has been organising the Social Food Tour, which invites children to the restaurant for a full (good) meal.

Fantastyck for Ivorian fashion

With 16,200 followers on her Instagram account, Fanta Koné shares her fashion, beauty and lifestyle favourites by highlighting young Ivorian fashion talent. She founded the webzine Fall In Mode (fallinmode_) with another blogger, Amenan Tanoh.

Prince Edja: all of Africa accessible

On Prince Edja’s Instagram account, 12,000 followers marvel at the local Ivorian tourism, its culture and the tradition of its people, but also the sub-region and other territories of the continent: Kenya, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Burkina… He explores all the African heritage through trips that are accessible to the greatest number.

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